The German Shorthaired Pointer, commonly shortened to GSP, is a versatile and intelligent breed. It is ideal for hunting and companionship. From 19th-century Germany, GSPs are known for their agility, keen sense of smell, and responsiveness. They have a striking appearance with short hair, dense coat, and liver or liver-on-white markings. GSPs are considered medium to large dogs, yet they exude strength and elegance. Belmar Kennel breeds GSPs that embody the best traits in hunting dogs: strong tracking instincts, a friendly attitude, a quiet nature, and a desire to please—making GSPs excellent family pets and skilled hunting companions.
German Shorthaired Pointer GSP


The German Shorthair is more than a hunting dog. They are versatile companions and excel in nearly every activity. Known for boundless energy and keen intelligence, German Shorthairs thrive on mental and physical stimulation, making them ideal for active families.

They can retrieve and point with their keen nose, making them excellent hunting dogs. All these traits combined make a breed desirable for search and rescue operations.

Belmar Kennel’s German Shorthaired Pointers focus on health, temperament, and maintaining the breed’s standards. The resulting dogs are eager to spend the day in the field as they are to relax at home with their families.

GSP Shorthair


GSP dogs are the epitome of a multi-purpose hunting breed. Renowned for adapting to various hunting roles, GSPs are equally adept at retrieving, running the trails or swimming in the lake. Their athleticism and intelligence suit them for multiple backcountry terrains and hunting scenarios.

At Belmar Kennel, Darko and Blazenka focus on enhancing the inherent qualities of their GSPs. Ensuring they perform in the field and as affectionate, trainable pets.


What Makes a GSP a Good Hunting Dog

German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs) are among the best hunting dogs in the world.

The breed originated in the 17th century, with standards perfected in 19th-century Germany. GSPs excel in both pointing and retrieving. They are lean, athletic, and responsive, perfect for hunting various games and retrieving birds from land and water, and highly trainable.

GSP’s intelligence is its gift to the canine world. Their friendly demeanour and eagerness to please make them excellent hunters and affectionate family companions. They are ideal for active families and make fantastic running, biking, or hiking buddies. Belmar Kennel breeds GSPs with a focus on solid hunting instinct, exceptional nose, and superior intelligence. Ensuring they excel in the field and at home.
German Shorthaired Pointer Bird Dogs


The world of hunting dog breeds is rich and diverse. The German Shorthaired Pointer stands out for its all-around abilities.

Belmar Kennel focuses on the GSP for its strong desire to hunt and remarkable intelligence. In combination with their extraordinary hunting nose, GSPs are at the top of the list for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.
German Shorthaired Pointers epitomize the best qualities of hunting dogs—versatility, obedience, and agility.

About GSP Hunting Dogs


Among the bird-hunting breeds, the German Shorthaired Pointer stands out. With the ability to point and retrieve, GSPs are ideal companions for bird hunting.

At Belmar Kennel, we prioritize breeding GSPs that demonstrate an innate talent for hunting birds with solid pointing and keen noses. Their athleticism and responsiveness make them superb partners in the field, showcasing the qualities of top-tier bird and gun dog breeds.

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