German Shorthaired Pointers

At Belmar Kennel, our trained dogs for sale are an excellent option for those seeking a well-disciplined companion out of the gate. Each dog has undergone comprehensive hunting dog training—mastering obedience commands and adapting to various environments.

GSPs are known for their energy and receptiveness to training, making them perfect for families and hunters. The pre-trained dogs showcase the breed’s intelligence and adaptability, having been socialized and groomed to be comfortable in loud settings.

Our training approach, with breeder Darko Brozovic, ensures these dogs are skilled in the field and well-behaved and affectionate at home.

We also guide and support you and your GSP with training and knowledgeable advice after purchase.

German Shorthaired Puppies Belmar Kennel


Each German Shorthaired Pointer puppy at Belmar Kennel, benefits from basic training as soon as they are ready. From potty training to basic and advanced commands, we ensure every dog meets milestones with care and attention.

Understanding their development stages, we tailor our training to suit each puppy’s growing needs. Making sure everyone is comfortable with grooming, socialization, and commands is necessary for a well-rounded, obedient companion.

Started German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies


Our GSP puppies start training from an early age. We recognize the importance of early obedience. Our training includes basic training commands such as sit, down, and heal, along with more advanced commands for recall and retrieval.

When any puppy is ready for their new home, they are well on their way to becoming disciplined and well-mannered companions.


Harley Belmar born on June 22, 2022. Father is Chirco Belmar and Mother is Betty od Glozinica. Harley is very friendly dog, house broken.

He did hunt last year and has very solid point. Will retrieve from water, for retrieving from land some fine tuning is required. He is CKC registered, microchipped and vaccinated.

Price for Harley is $2,000.00


Belmar Kennel has two male puppies for sale. They are born on April 21st, 2024. Parents are Chirco Belmar and Betty od Glozinica. Puppies will be CKC registered and receive first set of vaccination.

Will be introduced to gun and pigeons.

Price per puppy is $1,000.00